On October 27, ASDEMO held a seminar for schoolchildren and local residents at the 16th school in Mozyr, entitled “Let’s take care of the water together!”.
The seminar was held within the framework of the project THEOREMS-Dnipro, which is aimed at raising environmental awareness and understanding of the international problem of using water resources, their impact on living conditions and economic activities of the Dnipro river.Mozyr was not chosen by chance – it is a large industrial city in the Gomel region, which is located on the largest tributary of the Dnipro, the Pripyat River.
During the workshop, we determined the sources of water pollution and what contribution each of us makes to water pollution.
We also discussed how we can all take care of water.
Together with the students, they checked the quality of drinking water from the springs of the Mozyr district, as well as water from the Pripyat and lakes.

Now Mozyr knows how to take care of water resources!

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