25-26 October in Gomel (Belarus) hosted an historic event – the First Forum of Belarus and Ukraine’s regions. Artists Project “THEOREMS-Dnipro” Charnigavskana from National Technological University (Ukraine) and Gomel behalf PO State Technical University Dry (Belarus) took part in the section “Interuniversity integration in the scientific field,” Business Council educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. A team of project staff made a report and presentation on the project. Pleased to note that the report did not leave the audience indifferent, and there was a mini-debate, during which the questions and clarifications regarding the contents of the draft. In addition, two days of live collaboration several important organizational project documents have been prepared. And, of course, we visited a number of official events of the Forum. If the purpose of the Forum is to bring together experts and people of the two countries in respect of the project team “THEOREMS-Dnipro” This goal is accomplished by 100%.

First Forum of Belarus and Ukraine’s regions

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